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Creative Square

“Creative Square” is a very renowned brand when it comes to Wedding Photography. We’re on a mission to help people better their wedding experience with great ...

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Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre wedding shoots are offered as a great way for us to get to know each other better before the wedding day. We spend time together, discuss the wedding plans and have fun together.

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Wedding Photography

It’s your big day! Our goal on your wedding is to ensure that it is a fun, easy and stress-free as possible. We will be there to capture every moment from beginning to end, so that you have memories to last a lifetime to come.

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Wedding Videography

For us a wedding is an event where photography & videography come together. We want you to look back on your videos and remember what actually happened on your wedding day, not what was set-up.

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Children Photography

Children are beautiful souls and their souls should be captured through children portraits. They are the jewel in every family’s crown. At "Creative Square" our professionals take the time to enjoy your children, building a rapport with them and letting their budding personalities shine through every photo!

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Festive Photography

India is rich in culture and multiple festivities. Our Festival Photography services in Kolkata include various seasonal festivals such as Diwali, Christmas, Dessara, Eid and many more. It will be our pleasure if we can capture your colorful memories of festival celebrations.

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Fashion Photography

Portfolio for people who are interested in a career in Fashion Industry will find best packages available with emphasis o good and quality work. A model pass to the entertainment industry is by getting a great portfolio which adds to their personality and charm.

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Event Photography

Looking for the best photographer to capture the unforgettable moments of your life? Whether it is an engagement, birthday party, corporate event or any other kind of occasion, event photography preserves all the memories. Contact us to know the event photography price for different occasions.

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Product Photography

Delivering unmatched premium quality product shots, also offering invisible mannequin or on-model, tabletop, and flat shots – and more – to add stunningly clean and clear world-class images and a truly professional style to your website, social media postings, blogs and promotions.

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Travel Photography

I always love to go new places for capturing nature’s beauty in my frame. Whenever I travel, the running roads filled my mind with such romanticism…provokes me to capture the extraordinary art of nature. I never used to take those images as a souvenir but I like to explore a new dimension with my lenses.

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